Heating Repair

Wintertime in West Virginia is fun but can also be dangerous if your home heating system stops working.  For this reason, it’s important to have an HVAC company you can trust.  Count on Darnold and Lyons for heating repair to keep your home warm and comfortable especially in the coldest weather. 

Because of our experience and industry knowledge, we service all makes and models of equipment for both residential and commercial customers.  You can feel confident in the work we do and in our commitment to satisfying our customers.

We get the job done right the first time and offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our service technicians are qualified, certified, and experienced.  In addition to troubleshooting for all brands of furnaces, we also work on heat pumps, gas and liquid propane equipment and devices.  You name it, we service it!

Our service technicians can:

    • Clean and replace parts that are worn out
    • Check fuel system efficiency and make adjustments, as needed
    • Service or install hot water heaters;
    • Determine if your draft vents and air ducts are properly sized for air flow.

Heating Tune-up

Heating Tune-Up

It is important to keep your heater and furnace in good working order for several reasons. First, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs by maintaining your system.  Additionally, you should be proactive for your family with it comes to monitoring carbon monoxide because carbon monoxide can be generated by your heating system.  While having a carbon monoxide detector is always a good idea, standard monitors can wear out over time and may not pick up on dangerous levels.

Therefore, to ensure your system is running its best, our preventative system tune-up includes the following:

    • Add refrigerant if required (refrigerant not included)
    • Inspect blower motor amp draw
    • Test carbon monoxide levels
    • Check condensate drain for blockage
    • Inspect flame sensor operation
    • Determine gas pressure
    • Inspect heat exchanger
    • Test induced draft motor amp draws
    • Check motor capacitors
    • Confirm pilot flame safety
    • Inspect pilot operation
    • Check thermocouples
    • Clean and inspect:  burners, condenser coil for heat pumps, blower cabinet (if needed), and flame sensor
    • Inspect the filters
    • Tighten the electrical connections

We offer emergency services for plumbing and HVAC repairs. Please call our main number at
304-744-8474 and we will make your emergency a priority.