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Nobody wants to call a plumber, but when you need one, it’s usually urgent. You can count on Darnold and Lyons, to help you maintain your home plumbing whether it’s a simple drip, running toilet or major waste line clog or disaster.

We offer licensed plumbers to help you with all your service and installation needs including:

    • Water Heater repairs
    • Water Heater replacements
    • Leaky faucets
    • Clogged toilets, sinks or bathtubs
    • Frozen pipes
    • Gas Line repairs
    • Gas Line installations
    • Water main leaks
    • Broken water or sewer lines
    • Bathroom Upgrades
    • Kitchen Upgrades
    • New bathroom installations

We offer emergency services for plumbing and HVAC repairs. Please call our main number at
304-744-8474 and we will make your emergency a priority.